Party ZONE

Parties is our specialty… We do Photo Booths too, but ours are totally different. Its right on the dance floor. We have done this about 75 times in the past couple of years, and by doing so, brings the party to another level. About 10:00 that evening out come the props, and we have it all. Big glasses, blow up guitars, coconut bras (which the guys love to wear) This way everyone stays together and even the ones that don’t like to dance, will join in the festivity. We are very animated and will join in with everyone and our cameras. We’ll even capture a large group photo with all your guests dressed up. But guaranteed, they will have a blast!!! But all these things sure help to produce an amazing evening. I hear this all the time……”This is the best party ever!!!!” We’ll do the same for you.
Check out our photos and you will see why….lol